Instagram could soon be introduced by Facebook to children under 13

A new version of its popular social media platform, Instagram may be launched soon by Facebook. Specially for children under 13 years of age this new version will be produced. At present, the Instagram regulations do not allow children under the age of 13 to construct their profile on the platform.

In order to protect young people on the application, Facebook also recently announced new features on Instagram.

The platform also faces criticism of the application's inclusion of children. Critics claim that Facebook is expanding its user base by doing so.

In 2017, Facebook unveiled a new release of Messenger Kids, which was similar to Instagram's new version. The platform introduced children to talk to parents-approved family members and friends.

They do not give separate accounts to children on Facebook or Messenger. Rather, the app works as a parent's account extension, and parents are monitored for their choice about who their children are able to chat with. However, several child development experts urged the firm to pull it out and say that children don't have to be in social media.

Facebook said that it wouldn't display commercials or collect data to market children when it launched Messenger Kids.

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